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Ribble CGR Range

The all new Ribble CGR is the ultimate in rugged versatility. Designed with meticulous attention to detail to handle the toughest roads, terrain and weather conditions.

As passionate cyclists with very high product expectations and a definite spirit for adventure, we design and craft the bikes we want to ride, the bikes that will enhance our riding experience, exceed our performance goals and take us on to new horizons.

The CGR epitomises this philosophy by offering the ultimate in versatility and performance to handle the toughest roads, terrain and weather conditions through a series of frame platforms designed, tested and crafted from the best materials with meticulous attention to detail, carefully designed tube profiles and a geometry fine-tuned to create the ideal balance between handling, stability, comfort and control.

With 4 distinct frame materials to choose from - Titanium, Carbon, Reynolds 725 steel and Aluminium, the CGR’s specification can be dialled in specifically for Road, Off-road, Commuting or all 3 if you want one bike capable of excelling on all terrains.


The CGR Ti is manufactured from seamless triple butted 3AL/2.5V Titanium and offers a silky smooth ride quality thanks to its natural compliance and vibration absorbing properties, with carefully designed tube profiles to ensure that lateral stiffness isn’t compromised. Titanium is also very resistant to fatigue and corrosion meaning that a Titanium frame really is a frame for life.

The CGR Carbon is manufactured from a carefully selected blend of Toray’s T1000 and T800 carbon layered to an exacting specification using an advanced monocoque mould technology incorporating an EPS inner core system which ensures complete consistency of the structural integrity of the fibres and resin throughout the frame. This system also eliminates excess material on the inside of the frame. The profiles and shapes designed into the frame are all there for a specific performance reason, from the truncated aerofoil down tube enhancing aerodynamic advantage and torsional stiffness to the seat stays designed for vertical compliance and vibration absorption, this frame is the epitome of design and attention to detail.

The CGR Alloy offers the perfect balance between performance, looks, versatility and value, access to the benefits of the CGR range has never been easier. The triple butted 7005 alloy tubing has been designed to combine lightweight with stiffness, durability and comfort to produce a frame that will handle whatever type of riding, terrain and weather conditions you throw at it.

The CGR 725 has been hand crafted using classic triple butted Reynolds 725 tubing to produce a frame with the compliant and vibration absorbing ride quality that only a high-quality steel frame can offer. Whilst the tubing and the look of the frame may lend itself to the traditional the geometry, tube profiles and design detail is definitely contemporary, with all the CGR attributes in place to enable this frameset to be built into the stylish and versatile bike to effortlessly cover the miles and terrain.


1, Wheel and tyre size compatibility – 700, 29, 650 wheels and up to 47c tyre width

2, Optional carbon integrated cockpit with full internal cable routing

3, Versatile Endurance geometry – Comfort, On or Off-road, Commute or all-day epic

4, Disc brake compatible – Powerful, controlled braking in all conditions

5, Internal cable routing and Di2 compatibility

6, Mudguard and rack compatibility – For all weather riding and luggage carrying

7, Seat stay profile designed for vertical compliance and vibration absorption

8, Truncated aerofoil downtube and seat tube for aerodynamic advantage