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Home Bikes Electric Bikes Electric Road Bike

Electric Road Bike

Make it Possible With The World's Lightest E-Road Bike Range!

Everything you love about cycling - These cutting-edge electric road bikes are amongst the lightest of their type available worldwide and provide a welcome boost of smooth power assistance to help you keep up on those hilly group rides or smash that climb you've always wanted to conquer.

We have 4 Bikes For You

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Bike Collection Material

Ribble Endurance AL e Bike Builder

Alloy Disc Electric Road Bike - Lightweight performance aluminium road


E-BIKE Begin climbing to unimagined heights on a road-focused e-bike that delivers an intoxicating blend of durability, power assistance, battery range and connectivity. The lightweight Endurance AL e will get you riding further for longer.

Ribble CGR AL e Step Through Bike Builder

Electric CGR Step Through Bike


E-BIKE Hop on and power your adventure with the fun, versatile and beautifully designed CGR AL e Step Through. Designed to give you the freedom to explore over a greater choice of terrains.

Ribble Endurance SL e Bike Builder

Carbon Electric Road Bike - The world's lightest electric assisted endurance range


Previously unimaginable mountain passes, struggling to keep up on hilly group rides and routes that take you outside your comfort zone are now in the past - Make it possible with the Ribble Endurance SL e.

Ribble CGR AL e Bike Builder

Electric Cross Gravel Road Bike


E-BIKE The CGR AL e (Cross/Gravel/Road) combines the all-road versatility of the CGR all-rounder with our market-leading e-bike technology.


An electric road bike (or e-road bike for short) is a normal road going bicycle that has been designed from the outset to accept some form of electric propulsion system. An electric motor is most commonly mounted within the rear hub axle or bottom bracket shell. This is linked to a battery either mounted within the downtube or attached to the underside of the downtube. A control button is often installed on the top tube or handlebars which allows the rider to control the assistance when on the move. Each system has several levels of power assistance which provides a boost of power to each revolution of the pedals.

The power assistance will cut out at a set speed in line with local government laws and regulations concerning powered transport. Once this limit is reached the system automatically cuts out and it is then down to the rider to people the bike like any other modern road bike. There are various type of electric road bikes for road riding to suit different riders, so you can choose one that is designed for pure high-speed performance or one that suits a more leisurely sit in the saddle all day style of riding or a mixture of both.

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